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Defenders Retreat at Silver Point Tennessee


Supporting Our Veterans,  First Responders, and Others with events

We are planning to have several major events during the year.  We will have some One-Time events as well as Annual events.  These will, hopefully, include all of the following: Fund Raising (such as Harrington For Hope), Concerts, Halloween Hollow, and several more... 

HarringtonForHope Logo.jpg

Living life “Beyond the Burns,” that’s the mindset of Mitch Harrington as he makes an effort to take a situation of horror and turn it into an outlook of hope and healing.  


Harrington For Hope hosted its fourth annual event on Saturday, August 20, 2022 raising funds for Camp Hope, a summer camp in Columbia, TN for children who are burn survivors. 

Caring for child burn survivors ages 6-16 years old

Press the Play button to hear Lt Mitch Harrington tell about

"Beyond the Burns' and 'Harrington For Hope'

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