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This Awesome Team, led by Jason Holcomb, is building Hunt Houses to accommodate Our Disabled Veterans in support of the efforts of what is being done at Defenders Retreat.

Their efforts are not just limited to Defenders Retreat, they get the support from the amazing staff at White Plains Academy.  These students are blessed with the benefits and encouragement that this staff offers as they are doing something so significant to help others ~ especially Our Veterans. 


Bobby Henline (and wife Jamie), wounded Iraq War Veteran (Bobby Henline Foundation), was gracious enough to stop by White Plains Academy to share his story and to personally thank the students and faculty for the time and dedication they put forth to build hunt houses for disabled veterans at Defenders’ Retreat (

Bobby Henline _ WPA 1.jpeg
Bobby Henline _ WPA 3.jpeg
Bobby Henline _ WPA 4.jpeg
Bobby Henline _ WPA 2.jpeg
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